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Why use Vilvor?

NHBRC Accredited

Vilvor Construction is fully NHBRC accredited. With more than 200 successful project handoffs you can trust our professionalism. We have all the certifications to make your project fully legally compliant. The last thing you want is a fat fine on top of your construction expenses.

Neat & Tidy Operations

We guarantee a neat and tidy building operation, at Vilvor, this is one of our primary values. We ensure there is no rubble or papers lying around and that your site remains spick & span throughout operations. We keep your flowers alive and your floors clean.

Value For Money

At Vilvor, we help stretch your budget. We go through a series of strategic discussions with our clients to help them save money on thier projects without cutting corners.

Built to Last

At Vilvor, we take pride in our work. We do not cut corners and believe in building quality structures & homes for future generations. We build to make it last. We use quality materials and good building practice. Homes are meant to last generations!

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Latest Projects

Cornwall Hill Estate

Cornwall Hill Estate

Serengeti Golf & Wildlife Estate

Serengeti Golf & Wildlife Estate

Serengeti Golf & Wildlife Estate

Blue Gill Estate

We’ve Been Building For Over 29 Years

In our team we have a combined experience in the industry of over 125 years, you can trust in our expertise. Without a single project failure, we stand proud and assure you that Vilvor provides quality work that lasts for generations. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Feeling unsure about something? Maybe these will help. If there is anything else, please give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!

How much will it cost per square meter?

There cannot be a fixed building rate per square meter because no two buildings are the same. Please refer to the diagram below. Note that all four shapes displayed have a surface area of 150m². However, their perimeters are vastly different, In fact there is a 44% difference between the perimeters of shapes A and D and thus an accompanying increase in cost. The types of materials used will also affect the cost. That is why a detailed quoting process based on an accurate plan/blueprint is essential. Click here for image.

Do I need a certified plan for a quote?

Yes, certified plans or in the process of being certified. This will ensure that the project will commence smoothly without interruptions regarding plans. Further, it will help avoid miscalculations on quotations, making sure we stick to your budget. If you do not have a plan yet, we can assist you with getting one by putting you in contact with our architects.  

How long will it take for a quote to be prepared?

It depends on the size and nature of the project at hand. For example, a luxurious home in an estate will take about a month. This is because there are many subcontractors involved along the way, and they each must provide their own respective quotes for their services. Detailed calculations must be performed on the quantities and prices of all materials.

At Vilvor, we put immense care into our quotes to give you an accurate estimate what your project will cost. This is where most home owners make the mistake of choosing a contractor who gives only a rough estimate of the cost. Don’t burn yourself, people loose their homes regularly because their projects run overbudget. At Vilvor, we discuss everything from the bricks you would like to use to the types of ceilings you want to install before we quote anything. These discussions have a massive impact on the overall cost of a project and will help you to save money where you are comfortable.  

Can changes to the plans be made during the construction process?

Yes, changes are always made during the project.


  • For minor changes you would need to re-certify your plans at the end of the project by submitting “as built“ drawings that show the changes.
  • If major changes occur, you would need to immediately recertify your plans before any further work can be done. It is best to be sure of your plans before construction commences.
How long will it take to complete the project?

Besides scale, design and location, many other factors play a role. Project timeframes can be lengthened or shortened depending on team size or dispatching equipment. Generally the most cost-effective sized team is dispatched for your project, however, if you are in a rush, time can be saved by expanding the team size or bringing in extra equipment to save time. Of course this has an additional cost. There is a point where it becomes pointless to have a bigger team as certain processes still need time to cure or must occur in a certain sequence. For example, pouring concrete or putting in tiles.  

Additionally, It is important to note that when the project starts it will seem like things are moving really quickly, there will be a lot of visual progress. Then a period comes when it looks like nothing is going on. This is normal because it is more time consuming to do the “finishes” and they are less visible. Further, at certain points in the project it is easy and cost-effective to expand the team size whereas other tasks require close coordination and skilled labour. 

Client Testimonials

“Jacques Vorster built our home, with a project value of R9,5 Million from plan to final completion. It was a fairly technical build due to the specifics of the site and our own requirements. Jacques worked productively with our architect and ourselves throughout the project and kept us well informed at all times. With good attention to detail, he was uncompromising in the quality and workmanship of his staff and subcontractors. He and his staff were honest, reliable, and polite and the site was maintained in a clean and orderly fashion for the duration of the project. We are happy with the process and ecstatic with the final product Jacques handed over. I would certainly use Jacques again should I ever build another home and I would certainly recommend him.”

Gary Chaplin

“Vilvor construction built our house in Serengeti Golf and Wildlife Estate and we found the owner, Jacques Vorster, to be a very good builder. Furthermore, the stand was always neat and tidy, and the accounts were always perfect.”

Manny and Anna

“We had a great and seamless experience when we built our house. We were highly impressed with the integrity and quality we received form Vilvor Construction. Jacques Vorster is extremely thorough in his quality and deliverables. What I enjoyed most was the feeling of trust during the project. Great!”

Justin Berry

“I recently had my front precast wall replaced by building a face brick wall. I used Vilvor Construction to do this, they were great. The quality of their work is brilliant, and I believe Mr Vorster, the owner, is a perfectionist who is very proud of his work. The work done was done in time and as mutually agreed upon. The building site was well maintained and clean through the entire project. His team clearly had lots of skill, they worked very efficiently. Mr Vorster does quality work with quality artisans and I would recommend him to anyone who asks for a builder.”

Johan Smith

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